The Best Golf Gadgets You Really Need To Have!

March 24, 2017General Blog Standard

golf gadget

Sport is a great way to unwind from the stress of day to day life. It is also an excellent way to stay physically and mentally fit. Golf is also one such sport where you can de-stress yourself. With technology coming into the picture in many facets of life, sport is not an exception. That rings true even for a sport like Golf. Golfers have Continued to embrace technology to improve the way they play the game. Golfers, from professionals to amateur can choose from a wide range of wearable devices. Many online resources such as have views and reviews on various wearable products which improve performance.

Listed below are some of the best gadgets in the market which gives great information regarding your game which you can action upon to improve and become a better golfer than you were earlier.

Garmin Approach S6

Garmin Approach is a smartwatch that comes with a touchscreen and many features that is suitable for all level of golfers. Apart from using it for enhancing your swing skills during training, it also gives you previews of waterbodies, traps, etc. with the CourseView button
It has an LCD color display which is not available in other golf devices. Enable with a Bluetooth connection, and it can connect to your smartphone, or any Bluetooth enabled device. Apart from the above functions, the battery lasts for as long as 10 hours which is more than enough to complete a game of golf.

Tom-Tom GPS Watch

It is a wearable GPS watch that helps you to better your game. It helps you take the best route around the golf course by avoiding the hazards on over 40000 courses all over the world. It has an automatic shot detection and after game analysis option which can improve your game.

Zepp Golf 2
It comes with a swing sensor. It is attached to your golf glove and then tracks the swing. It replays the collected data in real-time to an app which comes along with the sensor. Its sensor analyzes all the aspects of your golf and gives you appropriate coaching tips to rectify the chinks.

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