Four Styles Of The Popular Denim Dress

October 19, 2016General Blog Standard


Do you love to wear denim dress but don’t know actually how to wear it? You don’t worry anymore. There are plenty of options available to wear denim dress including buttoned, tight, short, long, and slouchy etc. You should follow different methods for each style and it is not a simple task to do. You can read the below article to get more info about the denim dressing style.

The shirt dress is one of the famous denim dress styles. It is the longer version of denim shirt and it can be either slouchy or fitted. Some of the shirt dress models have front buttons similar to button up and others are slip over models that are made in different washes. You can get an elegant look when wearing the shirt dress along with heels and exposed legs. This style gives you slimmer look, gorgeous and chicer.

If you don’t like to wear shirt dress with bare legs and bags or you are not comfortable to wear it in the cooler weather then you can follow this style. You can wear shirt dress with tights, tight fitting leggings, along with cute flats or ankle boots. You can add cross body bag, tote or clutch along with sunglasses and jewelry. This style gives you younger look and girly approach whereas the above style gives a mature and sexy look. You can also choose the style based on what kind of vibe you are going for.

Like the shirt dress, denim button front dress is very simple to wear. Many people prefer this dress since it is made up of thicker denim with long sleeves. Definitely, everyone will like this blue fabric outfit. You can wear small cross body bag, cute flats and this will give you preppy look. If you feel comfortable with heels then you can wear otherwise, the perfect choice is an ankle boot or wedge.

The denim pinafore dress or dungaree dress or overalls dress is a cute outfit. It gives a retro look and it has come back into fashion again and makes a unique style. It is also easily affordable model. This denim dress model offers the young look, adds innocent edge to the attire and makes you more feminine. The best method to wear pinafore dress is layered above a nice t-shirt or shirt with flats or wedges. It gives you a casual look and you can’t dress up the pinafore dress to give class look.

The last one is boho chic denim shift dress. The shift dress in 1970’s model and feature bell sleeves, a loose garment and sometimes designed with embroideries to include the ethnic vibe. You can combine wedges and bare legs in the summer season. In the spring or the autumn season you can wear knee high boots and during winter you can wear denim shift dress along with skinny jeans or flares with the jacket that provides the perfect denim look. The shift dress is a stylish model and gives you a mature vibe. It is the most fashionable outfit than the other denim dress styles listed above.

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